Clinical Reflexology

At The Sole Sanctuary treatment is specifically adapted to your individual health care needs so the benefits are more effective and well-being is achieved more successfully. Having completed the Post-Graduate Clinical Reflexology course at The Christie, Manchester and the Seren Natural Fertility Reproflexology™ Training in London, treatment encompasses a number of techniques to achieve the optimum response.

Clinical reflexology foot therapy zones

What will happen on my first visit?

Your first consultation will be longer than subsequent sessions, as it is required to take a general assessment of health in order to be able to identify how to tailor-make and adapt the treatment especially for you. You be asked about your medical history, current symptoms, sleeping pattern and emotional state.

You will be made comfortable on a treatment couch in the best position for you and asked to remove your shoes and socks.  Gentle, adapted techniques of massage and pressure are applied to soothe and relax your feet and work on specific reflexology points which are thought to correspond to parts of the body.  I adapt various techniques of Precision Reflexology and Adapted Reflextherapy to specifically treat the body on an energetic level to promote response to treatment.

Creative Relaxation Reflexology may be offered to help unwind and switch off a busy stressed mind.  This innovative form of reflexology incorporates a guided relaxation whilst simultaneously working on specific reflex areas within the feet. This combination of gentle reflexology and creative visualisation aims to promote a deeper relaxation which helps refocus thoughts on pleasant sensory experiences. It is particularly beneficial with clients who are feeling anxious and can induce deep relaxation within a very short time, with benefits continuing for a prolonged period following treatment.  As a mental health nurse and working as a complementary therapist emotional, physical and spiritual support is always available.

Do I need to tell my G.P. about having Reflexology?

You may be asked to obtain your GP's permission before you commence treatment e.g. people with diabetes and heart conditions and cancer. Other conditions where reflexology may not be suitable include epilepsy, recent deep vein thrombosis and psychotic conditions. It is not advisable to have reflexology within the first 3 months of pregnancy.
Please contact me to discuss further if you have any questions whether reflexology is suitable for you.

Precision Reflexology

precision reflexology specialistIntroduced by Pru Miskin during the late 80's, this proved to be a very effective and technique of reflexology. Later, joined by Jan Williamson, they further developed the enhanced precision concept and taught within their own training schools. Jan went on to form the Federation of Precision Reflexologists.

This approach of Reflexology is a gentle, but powerful therapy which connects energetically and "tunes into" the individual needs of a person aiming to maintain the body's natural balance. Using a light touch, advanced techniques of "linking" provides precision to treatment, making unique contact with subtle energies which enhances effectiveness of treatment. It is very relaxing and aims to restore harmony and the body's natural healing abilities.